Why attend a support group? 

You will meet others who share similar experiences. You are not the only one who finds it difficult when a friend or loved one announces her pregnancy. You aren’t alone in feeling as though no one understands. Not even your partner, sometimes. You aren’t the only one who feels as though life may never move on. 

In a support group, you will find an open and welcoming space amongst a community who really understands you, when it feels as though no one else does. 

You have found yourself reading this for a reason. Sometimes you just need a helping hand.


I run two different support groups: one for those still trying to conceive and one for those who are no longer trying to conceive.  I offer meetings on Tuesday evenings in Central London.  I also offer Wednesday evening meetings in Southwest London.


Each group runs for six session, every other week, for 12 weeks.  I recommend booking for the full 12-week run so that you are better able to lock into the support system of that particular group but you can also drop in without booking the block.  As each group is limited to 15 participants, slots often book up quickly.  If your requested group is unavailable, I can pre-book you on the next available group that works for you.




Still Trying to Conceive Group – Central London

22 January, 2019

5 February, 2019

19 February, 2019

5 March, 2019

19 March, 2019

2 April, 2019


No Longer Trying to Conceive Group – Central London

29 January, 2019

12 February, 2019

26 February, 2019

12 March, 2019

26 March, 2019

9 April, 2019


Still Trying to Conceive Group – Southwest London

23 January, 2019

6 February, 2019

20 February, 2019

6 March, 2019

20 March, 2019

3 April, 2019


No Longer Trying to Conceive Group – Southwest London

30 January, 2019

13 February, 2019

27 February, 2019

13 March, 2019

27 March, 2019

10 April, 2019



£50 for six sessions

£10 for a single drop-in session